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Tournament Information


Eligibility to Compete

Each week the list of clubs eligible to compete in MAJVB events will updated. Only clubs deemed eligible to compete on the list may compete in tournaments.

To be eligible to compete in tournaments clubs must

  1. Be A  current National AAU Member

  2. Be A  current MAJVB Member

  3. Register all athletes and non-athletes with the National AAU & MAJVB for current season.

Click here to view a list of eligible clubs.

Clubs may enter tournaments after completing steps 1 & 2 but must complete step 4 & 5 prior to the tournament date.

Tournament Directors may only allow only clubs who have all  three steps to participate in their event.


One unregistered person or club makes the event non-sanctioned and thus voids all insurance.

Facility Care

  1. NO Outside food or drink allowed.

  2. NO Coolers allowed.

  3. PLAYERS may bring sack lunch in their bags.

  4. WATER only allowed  inside all playing areas.

  5. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

  6. Electrical outlets may not be used

  7. Smoking is not allowed inside or on the grounds of any facility.

  8. Seating: spectators need to bring non-marking chairs to most events.


Grand Prix Tournaments

AAU Grand Prix’s are National AAU Sponsored and Licensed Events. Winners in the open age division will have all or part of their fee waived for AAU Nationals or The West Coast Championships. Reimbursement will be a sliding scale based on 12 teams in each age group.

If the first place team has already won a free entry OR does not accept the free entry, the free entry will goto the second place team.

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